Sunday Services – May 10th

We are now meeting with appropriate precautions for Sunday morning services only. Evening and weekday virtual services will continue to be streamed online until further notice.

If you are unable to safely attend, we hope you will tune in to our morning service live stream, and continue to participate in our evening virtual services below.

Evening Service (6pm)

Morning Service (11am)

In case you missed it, you can watch the Sunday morning service live stream below:

Discussion Questions: Romans 14:1-23

  1. What’s the difference between a “doubtful disputation” or a personal standard and a doctrinal matter? (vs. 1) Making modern day applications of the two examples Paul gave in vs. 2-5, discuss some of the different personal standards Christians can have in their lives.
  2. What are some of the ways we can “judge” fellow believers with higher or lower personal standards than us? What are the reasons God says we shouldn’t do that? (vs. 4-12)
  3. What do we usually think about the motives of those who hold to different standards? What motive should we ascribe to them? (vs. 5-6)
  4. What role does our conscience have in what we do or shouldn’t do? What is the ultimate standard of right and wrong? (vs. 14)
  5. What are some ways we could unlovingly flaunt our Christian liberty in front of others? According to vs. 15-21, what will encourage us to restrain our liberty when necessary?
  6. What is some of the good guidance we’re given when it comes to our own personal standards? (vs. 22-23)


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